Part time or Distance Education?

Part time and Distance Education are the two options available for the one who cannot take a regular class option. Which one to choose? Many people feel that the Part time course and a correspondence or distance learning program are same. But it’s not. Part time is similar to a regular course but the timings may differ. For example, working professionals will prefer to do a regular Master degree but they will not available during day time as they have to be in their office or workplace. So, they will get an option to attend the college on evening time.

So, part time course is similar to a regular course with different timing. Whereas distance learning is completely different. Enrolled student will get Study material and Contact classes will be conducted mostly on Weekends. Where you have to maintain a set percentage of attendance to ensure that you are in track to take the exams.

After checking all the relevant details, a student can decide to do a Part time or Distance Education. Should understand the clear difference between the Part time and Distance education.

Pros of Part time courses:

May organizations consider the Part time course as an eligibility criteria, whereas distance learning courses are not. You can use this on applying jobs to Government sector jobs.

Pros of Distance Learning:

To gain additional knowledge and a degree which will help to gain knowledge on a given subject and to acquire a degree or a certification, which may help you to excel in your current work. In India, UGC approved distance learning courses are less.

Universities offering part time courses:

Institutions offering Distance education:

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